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This department is one of the college departments, that was founded on 21st May 2013 according to the official decision no. 4/9872. It was thought about opening this department since 2010 when the importance of its role has been perceived;

A role in preparing and qualifying students theoretically and practically in the field of tourism.

The study in this department is interdisciplinary, thus, it connects the study of tourism with other modern subject areas such as administration, economics, sociology, politics, ecology, culture, and languages.

In the academic year 2013-2014, the department received the first batch of students. They were 127 students, and from that year on, the number of students has increased year after year. At the present time, there are 66 students in the first class and 121 students in the second class. In addition, a plan was already prepared for receiving the third class students.

Below is a table shows the number of students in both years according to their gender and their city of residence: 

As for the academic staff in the department, there are 14 lecturers; a number of them are tenured and others are non-tenured. There are also 3 assistant researchers whose duty is to manage and organize the works in the department.

The department planned to open a postgraduate program for the academic year 2015-2016, and namely, assigned 4 places.

Academically, the department emphasizes both: the theoretical teaching method through the lectures, seminars, and workshops; and the practical teaching method which is applied in a number of subjects.


The department aims at realizing the following points:

  • Acquainting the students with the concepts and dimensions of tourism science to enhance their skills and potentials in this field.
  • Preparing a professional generation to provide the different fields of tourism sphere in Kurdistan Region with the needed experts and specialists.
  • Eliminating the lack of academia in the regional tourism fields; specifically, the lack of an academic department specialized in tourism.

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