Supply Storage Unit

This unit was founded in 1997-1998. The in charge of the unit and two employees work in this unit. The unit supplies the following services:
  • Daily data entering of the purchase receipts of items, computers, and other types of equipment.
  • Disposing of the unwanted items on the request of the departments and after the dean's approval.
  • Making an annual inventory of the college devices, computers, and other items. This duty is performed by a specific committee.
  • There is a committee for (estimating, deleting, and selling) the damaged and malfunctioned items. After being collected and processed, they will be announced in the public papers, and then will be sold.
  • Making sure when any employee leaves his/ her job for certain reasons, get clearance and that they are not charged for any items.
Name Title Degree Position Contact
Aram Mohammed Abdulmajeedتێبینه‌ر بكالۆریۆس  
Rekar Hamaamin Tofiqی. ژمێریار په‌یمانگا 
Shaima Mohammed Mahmood