Personnel Unit

    It is one of the administrative unit in the college, its tasks are:

  • Record all the issued and received letters by the college.
  • Answer the letters which are addressed to the college specifically.
  • Issuing administrative orders in regard to: giving leave permission, giving rewards, assigning lecturers, post receiving,  staff transferring, thanking and evaluating, and resignation.
  • Delivering letters and the posts internally and externally.
  • Preserving the personal dossiers of the administrative and academic staff excluding the non-tenured lecturers

Administration Unit

Based on the administrative order no. 369 on 20th Oct 2010, this unit was founded. It has a direct connection with other units and department of the college, furthermore it collaborate with them for better and highly performance.

The tasks performed by this unit are:

  • Supervising all the college employees, namely, their daily attendance which is monitored through electronic fingerprinting.
  • Authorizing short leave/1-2 hours for employees.
  • Issuing IDs for all college staff.
  • Observing the cleanliness of the college buildings.
  • Monitoring the receptions.
  • Monitoring the car park.
  • Monitoring the college gardens and gardeners.
  • Monitoring the college buses and drivers.
 Name Title Degree Position Contact
Abdulla Mohammed Karimی. س. توێژه‌ران بكالۆریۆس ل.هۆبەی کارگێڕی و خۆیی 
Yousif Abdulla Hussien  بكالۆریۆس  
Karwan Jalal Mahmood ئامار بكالۆریۆس  
Amanj Azad Mohammedپیشه‌یی یه‌كه‌م سه‌ره‌تایی  
Roshna Ali Hussienتوێژه‌ربكالۆریۆس  
Ako Rostem Hassan ف. كارگوزاری شه‌شه‌م  بێ بڕوانامه‌  
Nawroz Mustafa Kamalى. به‌ڕێوبه‌ری هونه‌ری ئاماده‌یی پیشه‌سازی كاره‌با  
Asos Kamal Mohammedس. تێبینه‌ری هونه‌ری ئاماده‌یی پیشه‌سازی كاره‌با  
Nashmil Mohammed Mohammedیاریده‌ده‌ری به‌ڕێوه‌به‌ر په‌یمانگا  
Khaton Hassan Aliف.ک.٤ بێ بڕوانامه‌  
Khadija Ali Darwesh ف.ک.٣ سه‌ره‌تایی  
Hidayat Othman Majeed ف.ک.٤ بێ بڕوانامه‌  
Hamashareef Rahim Hama ف.ك.1 سه‌ره‌تایی  
Saman Noraldin Ghafoor ی.بەڕێوەبەر ئاماده يي بازركانى  
Jamal Mohammed Amin سەرۆکی شۆفێران بێ بڕوانامه‌  
Mohammed Hassan Mohammed کارگوزار بێ بڕوانامه‌  
Mayada Fatah Hassan   بكالۆریۆس  
Chro Sadiq Mohammed  ناوه‌ندی  
Shima Mohammed Mahmood  ناوه‌ندی  
Mohsen Omar Mohammed  ناوه‌ندی  
Shalaw Abulrazaq Omar شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Narmeen Rashid Rasul شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Kwestan Ali Arif  شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Tahir Saeed Mahmood شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Mustafa Hassan Hama شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Shamal Abdulrahman Sofi شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Rebwar Omar Abdulla شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Ardalan Abubakr Abdulla شه‌شی سه‌ره‌تایی  
Shirin Rasul Salih   بێ بڕوانامه‌  
Ahmed Mahmood Salih بێ بڕوانامه‌