List of Master thesis 

 Author's Name MSc TitleCountryUniversityFaculty Field of Study  Year of
 Hazhar N. HamaAmeenAn Investigation into Pre-classification of Breast Disease/Cancer For Fuzzy Expert System Techniques Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2017
 Awezan A. OmarDatabase Intrusion Detection System Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2017
 Rebwar R. AzizProtecting Sensitive Knowledge in Data Mining Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2017
 Nyaz A. AliHigh-Efficiency Watermarking Video Coding  Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2016
 Tahsin A. MohammedVideo Surveillance System for Fire and Smoke Detection Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2016
 Bestan B. MaaroofMammography Detection for Malignant Mass Using Case-Based Reasoning  Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2016
 Sham A. RahimComparison Between Classical and Spatial Regression Techniques Using Fuzzy Logic Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceStatistics 2016
 Rawa S. Maaroof

Compared split plot for designs CRD & CRBD & Split-split plot design with application

 Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceStatistics 2016
 Hindreen A. TahirUsing Multi-Response Regression Model in Experimental Data ( with Application ) Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceStatistics 2016
 Faraidoon H. AhmadEfficient Facial Image Feature Extraction Method for Ethnicity Identification Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2015
 Taib S. AbdulsamadDesign and Implementation of a Combinatorial Test Suite Strategy Using Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithm  Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2015
 Roshna M. M.AminDesign and Implementation of a Distributed e-Healthcare System Based on Principles e-Government Applications Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2015
 Chrakhan H. KarimDeveloping Attendance Management System Based on Mobile Phones Iraq SulaimaniCollege of CommerceInformation Technology 2015
 Rawand M. Majid Applications of the (Factor and Cluster) Analysis to Determine Signs of Autism in Children in Kurdistan Region Iraq SulaimaniCollege of Commerce Statistics 2015
 Sawk L. AminClassification and Regression Tree (CART) to Detect the Influencing Factors of Diabetes Disease in Sulaimani City Iraq SulaimaniCollege of Commerce Statistics 2015