Finance Unit

Along with the foundation of the college in 1997-1998, this unit also was founded in order to manage the financial affairs. Because the college until 2012 was depending on self financing system, this unit applied the non-centralized accounting scheme in carrying out the works and duties. It organizes the process of payment of salaries and examinations committees' allowances.

 Name Title Degree Position Contact
Begard Abdulla Majeedی.سه‌رۆكی توێژه‌ران ماستەر   
Tariq Faiaq Qadirبه‌ڕێوه‌به‌ری پێشكه‌وتوودبلۆمی يه‌ك ساله‌  
Dana Othman Abdulkarimبه‌ڕێوبه‌ری ژمێریاری بكالۆریۆس  
Shwan Ali Saeed یاریده‌ده‌ری به‌ڕێوه‌به‌ری ووردبینیپه‌یمانگا  
Jamil Majeed Sadiqسه‌رۆكی توێژه‌رانی پێشكه‌وتوو بكالۆریۆس  
Ismael Mohammed Saeed ب. ژمێریاری پێشكه‌وتوو بكالۆریۆس  
Rezan Raouf Rahimى.ب.ووردبينىپه‌یمانگا  
Dana Ahmed Mahmoodی. س. توێژه‌ران بكالۆریۆس