Course Structure

Modules - what you study and when

The modules listed below are examples from the 2016-2017 academic year. There may be some changes before you start your course.

First year

Core modules:

Principles of Business Administration 2
Principles of Economics  3 
Principles of Accounting 3
General Mathematics and Statistics  3 
English Language  2 
Arabic Language  2 
Kurdology 2
Academic Debates 2
 Total  19

Third year

Core modules:

 Subject Unit
Banking Accountancy3
Banking Marketing 2 
Financial and Banking Institution's Management 3 
Accounting of Banking Costs 3 
Credit Finance 2 
Computer's Application in Fiscal and Banking 2 
Operational Research 2 
Tax Accounting 2 

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Second year

Core modules:

 Subject Unit
Public Finance2
Money and Banking3
Financial Mathematics 2 
Financial Management 3 
Computer 2 
Intermediate Accounting 3 
Commercial Law
Finance and Banking Reading in 
English Language
Total  19

Fourth year

Core modules:

 Subject Unit
Management Accounting3
Central Banking and Monetary Policy 2 
International Funding 2 
Investment in Financial Market 3 
Financial and Banking information System3
Computer 2 
The Path and Method of Dissertation 3 
Auditing and Financial Supervision3
 Total   21