Structure of the Department of Banking and Finance Science

In order to achieve the department’s objectives, the department’s activities have been distributed among some committees that are supervised by the head of the department, the committees are:


The Academic Staff of the Department:

In the current year 2014-2015, there are (16) lecturers. (14) of them are Assistant teachers, (1) is a teacher (holding Ph.D.), and (1) Assistant Professor.

The Number of Students:

From 2012-2013 to the present time, there are (290) students. The table shows the number of students in the department

Year Male FemaleTotal
 First3558  93 
 Second1624 40
 Third2732 59
 Fourth5444  98

ناوی وانەبێژان بۆ ساڵی خوێندنی 2016 - 2017

قۆناغی یەکەم
 Name Scientific LevelSubjectUnit
 Halat Saeed Mohammed  Assistant LecturerPrinciples of Business Administration 2
 Ahmed Taha Bilal  Assistant LecturerPrinciples of Economics  3 
 Pakhshan Hadi Maroof  Assistant LecturerPrinciples of Accounting 3
 Hewar Araz Qadir  Assistant LecturerGeneral Mathematics and Statistics  3 
 Neegar J. Amen  Assistant LecturerEnglish Language  2 
 Fuad Ali Jalal  LecturerArabic Language  2 
 Alan Mohammed AwrahmanKurdology 2
 Shilan Yaseen Darwesh  Assistant LecturerAcademic Debates 2
 قۆناغی دووەم
 Name Scientific LevelSubjectUnit
 Sumaya Mahmood Najmadin  Assistant LecturerPublic Finance 2
 Younis Ali Ahmed  Assistant LecturerMoney and Banking  3 
 Halat Saeed Mohammed  Assistant LecturerFinancial Mathematics 2
 Falah Hassan Ahmed  Assistant LecturerFinancial Management  3 
 Abas Gul Murad  LecturerComputer  2 
 Hoshaman Ahmed Shareef  Assistant LecturerIntermediate Accounting  3 
 Shilan Yaseen Darwesh  Assistant LecturerCommercial Law 2
 Yad Nawzad Abdulatif  Assistant LecturerFinance and Banking Reading in 
English Language
 قۆناغی سێ یەم
 Name Scientific LevelSubjectUnit
 Bafrin Sleman Faqe MahmoodBanking Accountancy 3
 Paiwand Mahmood MohammedBanking Marketing  2 
 Solaf Izadin DaloFinancial and Banking Institution's Management 3
 Paiman Othman SaeedAccounting of Banking Costs  3 
 Yad Nawzad Abdulatif  Assistant LecturerCredit Finance  2 
 Askandar Hamid Othman  Assistant LecturerComputer's Application in Fiscal and Banking  2 
 Handren AbdullaOperational Research 2
 Gona Omer Abdulrahman  Assistant LecturerTax Accounting 2
 قۆناغی چوارەم
 Name Scientific LevelSubjectUnit
 Gona Omer Abdulrahman   Assistant LecturerManagement Accounting 3
 Bilal Raouf SalihCentral Banking and Monetary Policy  2 
 Mohammed Aras AliInternational Funding 2
 Ranj Tahir Abdulla   Assistant LecturerInvestment in Financial Market  3 
 Ngin Shareef SabrFinancial and Banking information System  3 
 Abas Gul Murad  LecturerComputer  2 
 Ahmed Taha Bilal  Assistant LecturerThe Path and Method of Dissertation 3
 Hardi Azad Omer  Assistant LecturerAuditing and Financial Supervision 3