The History of College of Commerce

College of Commerce was established as a private evening college in (1997) according to a decree issued by the council of the ministry of higher education and scientific research; No. (1757) on (21 Aug 1997). Later, it attached to the public University of Sulaimani in (2000), hence it became one of the university’s colleges.

In the beginning, the college adopted self-funding strategy until (2012). However, due to a decision made by the council of ministries of KRG, student admission fees had been removed, so registration became free of charges up to date. 

 This college currently consists of the following departments:



 Foundation Year


Financial Accounting & Auditing

1997- 1998


Statistics and Computer*

1998- 1999


Market Economics

2001- 2002


Project Management

2003- 2004


Banking &  Finance Science

2012- 2013


Tourism Department

2013- 2014


Information Technology

2016- 2017


International Commerce Department

2016- 2017

Admission System and Study:
As stated, the study in this college is evening session and an undergraduate degree is accomplished during (4) academic years. The study seats are allocated only to graduates of both scientific and humanities branches of high school degree. Regarding the post-graduate study, this college offers programs in fields of (IT, Statistics, and Tourism). 

College Objectives:
The college aims to prepare professional and skilled individuals in different scientific areas. This will be through offering an efficient education program, training courses, and reliable research activities. All of these enable this college to offer educated members, who can serve the government and private sector of Kurdistan region in an efficient way and fulfill the requirement of a labor market.

Students and Graduates: 
The total registered number of undergraduate students of all departments of the college for the academic year, ( 2016 - 2017) is () students. The total number of graduate students, who obtained Bachelor Degree so far from this college, is about (3111), about (90%) of them were given support letters for their employer to get jobs in both the public and private sectors. This is an indication that this college plays and serves Kurdistan economy effectively and its graduates can find work easily in labor market. 

The College Goals: 
Preparing experts and professional graduates in the fields of economics, commerce, projects and administrative institutions management, statistical analysis, banking and financial science, Information technology, accounting, and auditing; to work in both governmental and private sectors, and to exploit in the best ways the material and human resources in Kurdistan. This in result will serve as an effective factor in developing the economy and employment market in the region. 

The College Vision: 
Teaching, training, scientific researchers, developing and adopting new and advanced academic programs in order to present active and effective graduates; able to serve the actual and future economy in Kurdistan. 

The College Mission: 
Participating in the evolution of society and working for the best exploit of incomes resources and Kurdistan's national revenues by presenting experts and professionals in the commercial works. 

College Units: 

                                                             دەستەى دامەزرێنەرانى کۆلێجى بازرگانى                                

Mr. Othman Abdulqadr Hamaamin

Ms. Nyan Kamal 

 Dr. Aras Hussein Mahmood

Dr. Kamal Saeed 
Dr. Salahadin Mohammed Alhafid