Our department was founded in (1998-1999), every year  students are applying through Central Admission System, it consists of four stages, in each stage they study several subjects about (Statistics & Computer), The college accepted students who are graduates from High school branch (scientific) and students get Bachelor Degree in both sciences (Statistics & Computer).

The Nature of Working in this Department is:

Arranging lesson schedule for the students and providing lecturers for (Practical and theory)  lessons, in both departments (Statics and Computer) recording students absentee and arranging final examination schedule (first and second terms), preparing student grade report is part of the duty of the employees also supervising summer training's, supervising computer laboratories, opening training course and teaching for the  university and governmental employers, fixing up all the departments computers, managing our department works.                                                                                                                                           

1.First year programme syllabuses: 


 2. Second Year programme syllabuses:


 3. Third year programme syllabuses:


 4. Forth year programme syllabuses:


                 The total numbers of the Bachelor Degree holders of this Department during (2001 to 2014)years.


                   Total numbers of students in 2014-2015


               Graduation ranking for the academic year 2015-2016                                                                                                         

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