The Business Administration as an academic department was founded in (2003-2004) cooperation with some lecturers, later in (2013-2014), the name of the department changed to (Project management) and also program studying in this department was changed.

At the beginning applying for the college was open to all graduates of High school branches: scientific, literary and vocational. But now applying to the college specified to high school graduates of (scientific and literary) branches through Central Admission System.

Generally, the nature of Project Management department is related to daily life of the society and it’s clear that Project Management is necessary everywhere and every time, proves for this, the being of Project Management of every small governmental organization and Non-Governmental Organization.


  • Preparing expert and professional cadres in the field of scientific administration and project director for serving general and private sectors.
  • Paying extra attention to advancing Administration in the Kurdistan Region in light of scientific activity and scientific research.
  • Focusing student attention to scientific and humanity in Kurdistan in the best possible way in light of scientific research.

The Working Nature of this Department:

  • Introducing the Administration philosophy to Kurdish community by preparing expert students.
  • Providing a chance for lecturers and students and helping them to progress and capacity building through the scientific researches.
  • Establishing the main Administration principles in all the fields of the department.
  • Introducing the modern programs of studying to students and continues scientific training in the field of vocational and human capacity.


Head Assistant of Project Management Department

Project Management Department

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