International Commerce Department was founded in (2016-2017). Serving both the Kurdistan region’s society and economy in a way that leads to developing national income. Additionally,  in order to tie the Kurdistan Region with regional and global economies and promote the principles of free trade and globalizing the economy in Kurdistan.

Vision Statement

The department will follow a scientific, modern, and developed educational program, which enables graduates from this department to work practically and actively in the field of international commerce.


  • Providing an opportunity for students to study in the field of international commerce and developing their scientific skills in a way to be able to cope with international economic development and the recent trade globalization.
  • Offering current and future requirements of Kurdistan labor market for both public and private sectors in terms of preparing professional workers and graduates, who holding an academic degree. This could be done by employing Kurdistan resources in order to diversify the economy and developing international affairs in Kurdistan.
  • Enhancing domestic and international trade through doing scientific researches and different activities in the field of international trade.
  • Presenting the importance of trade in general and international trade specifically in terms of job opportunity, capital accumulation, and foreign currencies. In addition, Connect the region to the regional countries and the outside world

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International Commerce

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