Market Economic one of the academic department of the College of Commerce, it was founded in the academic year (2001-2002), the total numbers of the Bachelor Degree Holders of the College up to this moment is 14 classes.

The name of Department was changed from (Economic) to (Market Economic) in 2012 so that the name of the department and its programs correspond the need of today’s labor market in Kurdistan.

Applying to the college specified to high school graduates of the scientific branch through Central Admission System. The department closed since 2015-2016.                                                                                                                                                                        


  • Introducing the community and students to the science of economics, and attempting to prepare active and skilled graduates taking part in the reconstruction process of the country and the economic growth in Kurdistan Region.
  • Analyzing the problem occurred in the economy and finding the solutions through academic researchers, the way enabling students to be well qualified and specialized.


The Department policy:

Academically and administratively, the department is supervised by the Head of the department. Below are four committees by which, various tasks are to be accomplished, as every committee has a specific task. The three are monitored and instructed by the Head.

  • Students' affairs committee: Its responsibility is to organize the students' affairs such as, listing the groups, and supervising the summer training. Moreover, it constitutes a linkage between students and lecturers to facilitate certain mutual matters. All of the students' requests are directed to the Head via this committee.
  • Lecturers' affairs committee: it organizes all the academic staff's issues; preparing their pay forms, their given seminars, workshops, and other activities.
  • Examinations committee: it arranges all the examination processes in the department; allocating the exams halls, invigilators, and other necessary preparations.
  • Information Technology (IT) committee: its job is collecting and recording all the data and information related to the department.

Head Assistant of Market
Economics Department

Market Economics Department

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