This department was founded in 2012-2013, and since then it opened the door for students to be enrolled. Currently, there are only first, second, and third year.

The department applies the summer training system on the second and third-year students, by which they will be enlightened practically what they have learned theoretically.

Missions of the Department:

As the economy of Kurdistan Region is growing in all the sectors, the need for specialists in banking and finance is growing too. And this encouraged the University of Sulaimani to open this department which adopts a highly selected program and provides highly qualified lecturers.


  • Teaching and training the students to be ready for working in the state or private banks in Kurdistan Region.
  • Familiarizing the student with the banking system and its services impacts on the community.
  • The academic program raises the level of the students' knowledge in the accounting, economics, and administration sciences. 

The Department distributes the duties and activities on three committees, which are:

  • Information technology Committee.
  • Lecturers' affairs committee.
  • Students' affairs committee.
  • Examinations committee.


Nishtiman Hassan Fatah
Head Assistant of banking and Finance  Science Department

  Banking and Finance   Science Department

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